01 Plovanija - Vrsar

From the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic to the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč

Route pictogram

Plovanija - Umag (23) - Novigrad (44) - Poreč (63) - Vrsar (76)


76.00 km





total climb

799.00 m




Moderately strong



EuroVelo 8 – the Mediterranean Cycling Route enters Croatia at the border crossing of Sečovlje/Plovanija and the first 5 kilometres leads on the popular “Parenzana” cycling greenway, a former well-known narrow- gauge, “wine railway”, which linked the cities of Trieste and Poreč (Parenzo) from 1902 to 1935. The route continues through the idyllic vineyard landscapes of Savudrija, past the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic dating from 1818, then passing through the town of Umag, it leads towards the picturesque fishing town of Novigrad. South of Novigrad, the route passes through a small town with Antenal Bridge, at the very mouth of the River Mirna into the Adriatic Sea, in so-called Tarska Vala (the Tar Bay) and through the towns of Tar and Vabriga, it continues towards the town of Poreč. In Poreč, it is definitely worth seeing the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the early Christian complex of the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, located in the old town. With a pleasant ride along the coast through the pine and oak forests of Zelena laguna and a slightly hilly area of Funtana, which is adorned by olive groves and vineyards, the route reaches Vrsar, an idyllic fishing village suitable for the completion of the daily section and accommodation.




Length of the section


76 km

Proportion of asphalt /macadam


88% / 12%

Total climb


640 m

Higher climbs


Short section with 14% climb before Tar

Macadam lining – well-rideable




4 km at the beginning of the "Parenzana" greenway

3 x 800 m before Novigrad

2.5 km before Červar Porat

Traffic density – moderate




D75 before Crveni Vrh – 5 km

D75 after Novigrad - 2.2 km

D75 through Funtana - 300 m

Traffic density – high




D75 after Savudrija - 2.2 km

D75 after Lovrečica - 3 km

D75 Antenal –  the mouth of the River Mirna - 1.2 km

Caution needed at the intersection


Crossing D75 before Tar

Supply options


Well supplied small towns mostly every 5 km, with shops, restaurants and cafes

Rest options


Lots of sea beaches, parks in the centres of towns and tourist resorts

Differences in following EV8 direction south-> north





Avoid 4 short sections of D75, 500-1500 m of length near Duba, Lovrečica and Dajla; The other direction includes two left turns from/onto D75. It is safer to stay on the main road.


Technical description of the section



Immediately after the border crossing of Plovanija, EV8 turns to the right from the main road and leads below the hotel.


Then it takes an easy climb on the Parenzana greenway. After 4 km, it exits onto an asphalt road and turns to the left, and after 500 m, to the right onto D75 road.


After 5 km, it turns to the right following the signposts for Crveni Vrh. The local road should be followed for about 6 km.


The route exits onto D75 road again and immediately turns to the right taking a side road for 1 km towards Savudrija Lighthouse.


Ride to the left past the campsite, then along Istarska Street to D75, continuing on it to the right.


Get off the main road D75 and ride for 3.5 km through the tourist resort Katoro (pedestrian-bike path). The route intersects the peninsula (500 m).


At the ACI Marina Umag, get to the coast again and ride on the bike path for about 1.5 km straight to the centre of Umag.


Exit Umag via the street Ulica Poziol and Novigradska Street to the main road D75, continuing on the bike path, which stops in Duba after 1.2 km. Then the route continues to the right, getting to the coast and along it.


After 1.2 km, it exits onto D75 again. Taking a small coastal road, avoid it and after 100 m, turn to the right by the sea, riding for 2 km on a side road through the idyllic, fishing village of Lovrečica.


The route exits onto D75 to the right again. After 2 km, while entering the small town of Dajla turn to the right, then shortly afterwards to the left, and ride along the coastal narrow streets past the houses and summer residences.


After 1 km, the route exits onto busier D75 again for 100 m, at the point where D75 turns to the left, leading straight for 200 m to the Country Palace and the Monastery in Dajla. From the Monastery buildings, it continues to the left onto the road which soon turns to the left, and the route takes a macadam road and goes parallel to D75.



After 500 m, the macadam road turns into the asphalt one, and continues straight for another 400 m, then leads past the camp fence, following the signposts of the local route No 7, leading to the coast and along it, and reaches Novigrad after 6 km.


The exit from Novigrad follows the local route 7 along the coast all the way to the main road D75 and goes along it to the right. At the end of the bay, the route turns to the right from D75 towards the tavern, and 300 m afterwards, it continues to the left again.


After about 1 km, the route leads towards D75 and crosses it following the signpost for Labinci, and after 800 m, it leads to the centre of Tar.


It exits Tar along Istarska street, which crosses D75 again, and 1 km from Tar, it reaches Vabriga. The route exits Vabriga along Ribarska Street towards the restaurant Santa Marina and after 1.3 km, the road leads to the coast, turning to the left onto a macadam road, and after 2 km, it enters Červar Porat.


The route exits Červar Porat on a side asphalt road via Červar and Špadići all the way to Poreč.


From Poreč, the route reaches the coast and leads to the south, following the local route 143 through Plava Laguna for 4 km. After the route 143 turns to the east, EV8 passes through Zelena Laguna and leads by the sea, reaching Funtana after 3 km.


If you pass through the centre of Funtana past the parish church, 500 m of the busy D75 can be avoided. However, it still should be ridden on for 300 m; then the cycle path towards Vrsar begins parallel to the road.