02 Vrsar - Pula

From the natural phenomena of the Istrian peninsula, the Lim Bay and Kontija Forest to Pula, the city of unique ancient monuments

Route pictogram

Vrsar - Rovinj (32 km) - Barbariga (50 km) - Pula (71 km)


71.00 km





total climb

485.00 m




Moderately strong



From Vrsar, the EuroVelo 8 route leads to one of the most beautiful phenomenon of Istra – the Lim Bay and passes past the attractive Sports Airport in Vrsar. Then it leads on the marked Eko Bike Route Vrsar – Lim through a pleasant shade of Kontija Forest. At the Benedictine Monastery of St. Michael in Kloštar, it connects to the road D75, continuing on it all the way to the Lim Bay. Passing through Rovinjsko Selo, it reaches one of the most romantic Croatian towns – Rovinj, ideal for walks along the narrow, cobbled streets to the Church of St. Euphemia. South of Rovinj, the route passes near the Special ornithological reserve Palud, several agritourist farms, and the small places of Barbariga and Peroj in the Vodnjan area. In Fažana, it is recommended to get off the route to visit the Brijuni National Park, an archipelago consisting of 14 islands and islets. From there through Valbandon and Štinjan, the route reaches the largest Istrian town and port - Pula, with numerous museums and monuments, among which is by far the most famous the Roman amphitheatre – Pula Arena, dating from the first century, which is the largest Croatian monument from that time.




Length of the section


71 km




Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb



Higher climbs



Macadam lining – well-rideable


20, 26



Kontija Forest after Vrsar – 3.5 km

Near Rovinjsko Selo – 3.5 + 1.5 km

Near Villa Rubin – 1.5 km

Before Barbariga – 1.5 km

Macadam lining – Moderately rideable




Kontija Forest after Vrsar – 2.5 km

Near Rovinjsko selo – 2.5 km

Through Palud – 5 km

Traffic density – moderate


Ride through Rovinj – 6 km

Traffic density – high




The Lim Bay – descent and ascent – 6 km

Ride through Fažana – 3.5 km

Entering Pula – 3 km

Supply options


Well supplied small towns usually every 5 km, with shops, restaurants and cafes




Rest options


Benches at Riva (shore) and parks in Rovinj

Rest area at the Lim Bay, gastronomic facilities:

Accommodation possibilities


Rovinj, Peroj, Fažana, Valbandon, Štinjan and Pula

Bike shops and bike repair services


Rovinj, Peroj and Pula



Sightseeing Palud Special ornithological reserve (straight after agritourist farms)

Bypass, shorter way


From Rovinj, straight along the streets: Ulica Braće Božić and Ulica Camp Colone to Bale, and on the local road to Barbariga.


Technical description of the section


The route leads from Vrsar along the street Ulica Sv. Martina and onto Ž5071 road to the right, and to the left onto the road Kapetanova Stancija.


Aeropark Vrsar on Ž5174 road.


Kontija Forest – marked route Eko Bike Vrsar – Lim (6 km of macadam).



Kloštar – past the church and monastery ruins, get out of the forest onto D75, and ride on it to the right towards the Lim Channel.


At the intersection turn to the right again onto D75/D21 then descent for 2 more kilometres towards the Lim Channel.



The Lim Channel, a climb on D75/D21 road for about 2.5 km till the right turn towards Sošići. Through Sošići, from Žuntići to Rovinjsko Selo, there are 2.5 km of macadam.





Rovinjsko Selo, turn to the marked Route 202, known as the Rubinum Trail (5 km slightly downhill on a macadam road) until reaching the old Rovinj-Kanfanar railway line. Ride on the road past the church of St. Thomas, under the railway bridge to the road towards Valalta. Turn to the left onto the road and again to the left onto the road Cesta Porton Biondi to Rovinj. Turn to the right along the street Ulica Braće Brajković by the sea to the centre of Rovinj.





Rovinj – pass through the city along the streets: Aleja Ruđera Boškovića, Obala palih boraca, Obala Alda Rismonda and Obala Vladimira Nazora, and then to the left into Omladinska Street, to the right into Zagrebačka Street, and to the left into the street Ulica Luje Adamovića, then to the right into the street Ulica Stjepana Radića. At the roundabout, go straight along Aleja 30. svibnja Street to the campsite.




From Aleja 30. svibnja Street, behind the Campsite Ulika Rovinj, the route turns to the right towards the campsite and then to the left on the macadam road (1 km) to the crossroads with the road Sveti Maksimilijan iz Veštra, and along it to the right towards the entrance of the Campsite Veštar.




The route turns to the left before the Campsite Veštar and 700 m after that, at the intersection, it turns slightly to the right towards the agritourist farm and the Special ornithological reserve Palud (5 km of macadam), bypassing Palud to the left (marshland) and continues partially through the forest until getting to the asphalt road near the entrance to the Campsite Mon Perin.





Continue on the road towards the entrance to the campsite. Before the entrance to the campsite, turn to the left following the signs for the Meneghetti Winery-Hotel. At the Y intersection after 1 km, continue to the left, and after another kilometre, turn to the right just before the winery, where the macadam road begins. 1 km after the winery, left turn should be taken into the settlement of Betiga, where an asphalt road begins. The route continues to the right and descends to Barbariga along the street Ulica Mendula.


After the centre of Barbariga, the route continues on the road along the coast to the south towards Peroj.


After the centre of Peroj, the route continues along the roads Perojska and Vodnjanska cesta towards Fažana.


The centre of Fažana and the entrance to the Campsite Bi-Village.


Passing through Valbandon and right turn from Puljska Street into the street Ulica Šurida and to the left along Ulica Baližerka to the centre of Štinjan - the square with the church of St. Margaret. A ride downhill Štinjanska Street and to the right into the street Ulica Fortin. Then ride into street Ulica Pužar and to the left into the street Ulica Vallelunga – with a shorter macadam stretch (700 m).


Ride along the street Ulica Vallelunga to Vodnjanska cesta and at the roundabout, turn to the right into Tršćanska Street and along it to the right into Splitska Street and Riva, then to the left towards Arena.


Pula Arena (amphitheatre).