03 Pula - Nedešćina

Along the southernmost point of Istria - Cape Kamenjak, to the mouth of the River Raša and the Nedešćina plateau

Route pictogram

Pula - Medulin (14 km) - Barban (56 km) - Nedešćina (85 km)


85.00 km





total climb

865.00 m







The route leads from Pula along the Medulin Riviera, and passes past the old Roman quarry in Vinkuran, where the stone for the construction of the monumental amphitheatre in Pula was delivered from. In the village of Banjole, one can get off the EV8 route to the south towards Premantura, where there is the entrance to the area of Cape Kamenjak, the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula, which has been protected landscape since 1996. From Banjole, the route continues through the small fishing towns of Pomer and Medulin, one of the most visited tourist's destinations in Istria. Passing through Ližnjan and Šišan, it continues downhill to the Velika Budava Bay, climbing towards the village of Kavran. Taking a winding road with beautiful scenery and pleasant shade, you ride through the picturesque places of Pavičini and Šegotići, Krnica, Bratulići and Hreljići, Dobrani-Beloči and Plehuti, and in the village of Hrboki, the route overlooks a mountainside of Učka and its highest peak Vojak (1401 m) and the Bay of the River Raša. Soon it crosses D66 road and leads to the centre of Barban, a picturesque medieval settlement, idyllically situated on a hill above the River Raša. From Barban, the route continues on the winding road D66 down to Raša Bridge, the mouth of the River Raša into the sea and the small fishing town of Trget. From Trget, the route takes a steep climb towards Salakovci on ŽC5103 and continues to the medieval town of Labin, famous for its mine model, which is unique in this part of Europe. On the road Labin – Rijeka, there is the Sculpture Park Dubrova, located at a baroque country mansion from the 17th century. Through the village of Vrećari, with a view of the impressive mountainside of Učka, the route reaches Nedešćina, where the section ends. Accommodation is available in one of the rest houses, agritourist farms or in private rooms.




Length of the section


85 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


865 m

Higher climbs


4.5 km 6% 300 m

Macadam lining – well-rideable




Before Medulin – 500 m

Descent to the Budava Bay – 5 km

Climb to the village of Kavran – 1 km

Macadam lining – medium ridable


Climb to the village of Kavran – 2 km

Traffic density – moderate




Pula – Pomer – 7 km

Before Barban – 3 km

Salakovci – Labin – 9 km

Traffic density – high



Exit from Pula – 4 km

From Barban – 6 km

Traffic density – very high,



Caution at intersections required





Crossing D66 before Barban

Barban – exit onto D66

Exit onto ŽC5103 before Salakovci

Exit onto D66 from Labin

Supply options


Well supplied small towns usually every 5 km, with shops, restaurants and cafes




Rest options


Rest–vantage point above Trget and in Hrboki, and the historical towns of Barban, Labin, Krnica and gastronomic facilities along the route

Accommodation facilities


Pula, Medulin, Barban, Labin, Nedešćina

Bike shops and repair services


Pula and Labin


Technical description of the section


The route leads from Pula Arena along Riva and Flaciusova Street past the Uljanik Shipyard and to the right along Arsenalska Street, then Tomasinijeva Street, and to the left into Ulica Veruda Street.


Left turn from the Ulica Veruda Street into Ulica Prekomorskih brigada past the Veruda Marina. Turn to the right towards Pješčana uvala and Vinkuran.


The centre of Vinkuran is located in the area of the municipality of Medulin.


At the intersection, the road leads straight to Premantura, and the route continues to the left towards Pomer and Medulin. Above Pomer, it continues straight on the main road towards Medulin.




Turn to the right from the main road before Medulin onto a smaller local road next to the houses for 500 m; then there are 500 m of a very poor macadam stretch and a climb.


The centre of Medulin with gastronomic facilities and a parish church.


The centre of Ližnjan is reached on the road Ližnjanska cesta road, and to the left along the street Ulica sv. Mihovila towards Šišan.


The junction from the road Šišan – Ušić Dvori – Valtura and right turn towards the Budava Bay (fish farm). The start of macadam; Descent towards the Budava Bay;




Reaching the village of Kavran after a steep winding uphill ride from the Budava Bay and past the macadam section. Beginning of the asphalt road in the village of Kavran.


Šegotići. After Šegotići, turn to the right towards Krnica.



The square in Krnica, the municipality of Marčana, perfect for rest and refreshment after a rather winding section of the route.


After Krnica, right turn from the road towards Bratulići and then through Hreljići, Dobrani-Beloči, Plehuti and towards Hrboki.


Hrboki – there is a rest-vantage point overlooking the Raša Bay and the mouth of the River Raša into the sea.


Exit onto the busier D66 road, crossing the road and continuing through the industrial zone towards Barban.


A downhill ride on D66 from Barban to Raša Bridge.


Right turn from D66 after Raša Bridge towards Trget and the mouth of the River Raša. The road following the course of the river and then by the sea – the Raša Bay.


Trget – a picturesque fishing village in the Raša Bay.


A steep climb from Trget to Salakovci. Caution recommended at exit onto Ž5103 and then to the left towards Labin.


The centre of Podlabin. Possible climb to Labin and sightseeing the old town. Left turn from the street Ulica Zelenica into the street Ulica Marcilnice past the family houses. Then at the roundabout, ride to the right through the Labin Entreprise Zone towards Dubrova.


The Dubrova Sculpture Park, to the right from the Labin-Rijeka road. At the Y intersection, right turn to Vrećari and straight to Nedešćina.


The centre of Nedešćina with a bike repair service and a bike shop.