05 Rijeka - Bater

From Rijeka to Vinodol, along the routes of the noble family Frankopan and their castles

Route pictogram

Rijeka – Bakar (15 km) – Kraljevica (23 km) – Bribir (46 km) – Bater (55 km)


57.00 km





total climb

1070.00 m







From the centre of Rijeka at Riva, the route leads over the bridge on the Rječina Delta to Pećine, where it exits onto D8 and continues to Kostrena, and through Žurkovo past the Sports Hall and the Oil Refinery, after which it exits onto D8 again. It reaches the picturesque, medieval town of Bakar, then passes through the place of Bakarac, located on the very D8 road. The place is known for its original wooden, lookout points for tuna fishing - tunera. The route continues on D8 descending towards Kraljevica, where you can get off D8 to the Visitor Centre “The Routes of the Frankopans”, located in the Nova Kraljevica Castle. The route leaves D8 and continues towards Križišće, where it passes through a spacious valley, located in the hinterland of the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera. The area is known as the municipality of Vinodol. Then it leads downhill through the villages of Veli Dol and Drivenik, above which the Old Town of Drivenik rises on the hill. The route passes past the accumulation Lake Tribalj and the Hydropower Plant Vinodol located in the eponymous settlement, climbing towards Grižane. It is possible to get off the EV8 route in Tribalj towards the Crikvenica Riviera (7 km). The climb to Grižane is constant, with a lot of pleasant shade and lovely views. The route passes through Blaškovići and reaches Grižane, where it is worth visiting the Klović House, a memorial centre of the Renaissance miniature artist Julije Klović, who was born in Grižane at the end of the 15th century. The route continues uphill towards Bribir, where it is possible to stay in a private accommodation. It is worth seeing the church in Bribir and remnants of the tower of the medieval town. Then the route continues further to Bater and Breze. Signposts for the attractive vantage points along the road called the Eyes of Vinodol and a stone installation Celestial Labyrinths can be seen along the way. The road passes above the picturesque village of Ledenice and reaches Bater, where the section ends. Accommodation facilities can be found in Bribir, Gornji Zagon and Ledenice.




Length of the section


55 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


1070 m

Higher climbs


Bribir – Bater 5% 9 km 400 m

Traffic density – moderate



Exit from Rijeka– 2 km

Kraljevica – Križišće – 5 km

Traffic density – high




Exit from Rijeka– 1 km

D8 Martinšćica – 2.5 km

D8 Bakar – Kraljevica – 6 km

Traffic density – very high



Caution at intersection required





Rijeka – left turn

Bakar – exit onto D8

Kraljevica – left turn from D8

Intersection in Križišće

Supply options


Rijeka, Kostrena, Bakar, Kraljevica, Tribalj, Bribir

Rest options


Rest points on D8 at Kostrena, Bakar and Bakarac and by the accumulation lake in Tribalj

Accommodation options


Kostrena, Bakarac, Kraljevica, Tribalj, Grižane, Bribir and Ledenice

Bike shops and repair services


Rijeka and Crikvenica





A junction to Kraljevica –  the Visitor Centre "The Routes of the Frankopans"

Getting off the route in Tribalj (7km) towards Crikvenica

Bypass (road)


In Pećine, less busy road through Rijeka hinterland via Draga and Hreljin to Križišće


Technical description of the section


From Riva in Rijeka, next to the Croatian National Theatre - HNK Rijeka, the route leads along the street Ulica Ivana Zajca, crosses the bridge over the Rječina Delta, and continues to the left into the one-way street Ulica Slavka Cindrića, and then to the right into the one-way Šetalište XIII. divizije Street.


Rijeka – Pećine. After Šetalište XIII. divizije Street, it exits onto D8 and leads past the Port of Martinšćica towards Kostrena. At the 3rd km of the route, there is a junction for the bypass version of the main section 5, via Draga and Hreljin to Križišće. The bypass version takes the less busy roads of the Rijeka hinterland.


A junction from D8 and right turn towards Žurkovo along the street Ulica kostrenskih boraca, then Ulica Šojska uphill on a winding road towards the Oil Refinery in Urinj.


At the roundabout after the Oil Refinery, take the fourth exit to the right and soon the local road connects to the busier D8 road.


Turn to the right from D8 towards Bakar, a picturesque town in the eponymous bay. If you don’t turn there and don’t pass through the town of Bakar, then go straight on D8 towards Bakarac.


The centre of Bakarac on D8. A nice view of the bay, suitable for a break.


Right turn from D8 towards Kraljevica and the Visitor Centre “The Routes of the Frankopans”. If you don’t turn there, then go straight on D8 towards Križišće.


Left turn from D8 towards Križišće.


At the crossroads in Križišće, continue straight to Veli Dol, Drivenik and Tribalj. There is a junction to the bypass option via Draga and Hreljin towards Križišće.


At the crossroads, the route turns to the left turn uphill towards Blaškovići and Grižane (the Klović House), continuing towards Bribir, the administrative centre of Vinodol.


The centre of Bribir. Possible overnight stay in private accommodation and a hostel.


Turn to the right from the road towards Ledenice. Possible overnight stay in private accommodation.