08 Vrila rijeke Gacke - Gospić

Through homeland of Nikola Tesla to the city of Gospić, the administrative centre of Lika Region

Route pictogram

Vrila Gacke – Perušić (25 km) – Gospić (47 km)


47.00 km


Vrila rijeke Gacke



total climb

524.00 m







The section of the EV8 route through Lika is dedicated to nature and water, the source of life and the energy of water, which exactly here in the mid-19th century, inspired the inventive mind of Nikola Tesla, who was born in the village of Smiljan near Gospić. The route leads through well preserved nature, along numerous rivers, streams, lakes and canals, along watermills, over the bridges and dams of hydropower plants in Lika. From the spring called Tonković vrilo on the River Gacka, the route leads uphill towards the village of Ramljani, and then past the village of Janjče onto D50 road, but only a short distance in the direction of Gospić, and then along a local road towards Kosinj on the River Lika, where there is the old, stone Kosinj Bridge from 1936. The route passes through the villages of Studenci, Klenovac and Markovo Selo, taking a pleasant and quiet local road, with views of untouched nature and fields all the way to Perušić; 2.5 km from Perušić, there is the Grabovača Cave Park and Cave Samograd. The route leads from there towards the place of Klanac. In the village of Kaluđerovac, there is a church of St. Bishop Nicholas, and soon afterwards the route leads through an oasis of peace and tranquillity near the accumulation Lakes Kruščica, located on the River Lika since 1971. It passes through the village of Klanac, and before crossing the bridge on the River Otešica, it is possible to take left turn from the route towards the village of Veliki Žitnik, where there is the Memorial House of Dr Ante Starčević, dedicated to one of the most famous Croatian politicians, who is also known as Father of the Homeland. The route soon reaches the village of Smiljan, the birthplace of the world famous inventor Nikola Tesla, of whose life and inventions the Memorial Centre of Nikola Tesla tells the story. Shortly afterwards, it reaches the city of Gospić, the administrative and management centre of Lika, situated on the River Novčica. Accommodation in Gospić can be found in hotels, motels and in private accommodation.




Length of the section


47 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


524 m

Traffic density – moderate


1 km at the entrance to Gospić




The route runs along the edge of the mine suspected area (mine warning signs), it is not recommended to get off the road!



The route passes through a bear habitat in the area around Janjče. Riding at night and early in the morning should be avoided. Drive more carefully with occasional sound signals.

Supply options


Perušić: a shop, a cafe, a restaurant

Rest options




A park in Perušić

Possible swimming, boat rentals

Benches in the shade in front of The Memorial Centre of Nikola Tesla in Smiljan

Idyllic nature along the whole route

Accommodation options




Perušić: private accommodation

Private accommodation around Lake Kruščica

Gospić: a hotel, private accommodation





Ličko Lešće




Technical description of the section


The section starts at the spring called Tonković vrilo. The cycle tourists who stay overnight in Ličko Lešće off the route, can reach Tonković vrilo on ŽC5147, which branches from D50 1.3 km after the hotel Gacka to the left, following the signposts for Vrila Gacke. The road continues as LC59036 and climbs 4 km with a 6% slope.


At the end of climb in Ramljani, two roads branch to the right. The first one is in the meadow and the second one - ŽC5148 is to be taken among the houses, 200 m after the first one.


2 km from the intersection in Ramljani, the Y intersection is reached, where right turn should be taken. After another 2 km, the road crosses the railway line (Ličko Lešće Railway Station is nearby) and immediately afterwards exits onto D50.


The route leads shortly along D50 to the left, in the direction of Gospić and after only 600 m, it descends to the right onto LC59059, following the signposts for Kosinj. After 3.5 km, the route exits onto ŽC5146 and turns to the left.


4 km after that and 800 m after crossing the railway line, the route turns to the right onto LC59055, runs along it following the railway line, crosses it after 4.5 km in the village of Sveti Marko, reaches D50 and after 700 m, it leads to the centre of Perušić.


The route from Perušić continues to the right before the church (the signpost for Klanac), and after 9 km in Klanac, it continues straight as ŽC5126 (the signpost for Gospić).


After 8 km in the place of Smiljan, the main road should be followed to the left (the signpost for Gospić) and there are 5 more kilometres to the centre of Gospić.