11 Maslenica - Zadar

From Maslenica to the historic cities of Nin and Zadar

Route pictogram

Maslenica – Vrsi (33 km) – Nin (39 km) – Zadar (58 km)


58.00 km





total climb

380.00 m







The route leads from Maslenica over Maslenica Bridge to the city of Nin and further towards the city of Zadar. The road after Maslenica Bridge turns into a local road towards Vinjerac, passing through the settlements of Ždrilo, Kneževići and Žunići with a beautiful view of mountain Velebit. Then it continues towards Slivnica Gornja, taking a winding uphill road until reaching the village. Soon afterwards, road D106 should be ridden towards Ražanac and the island of Pag, through Slivnica Donja and Jovići, continuing towards Radovin. Straight on there is a junction to an alternative section of the EV8 route (A4) across the island of Pag. The route through Radovin takes a picturesque road past meadows, cultivated fields, gardens and vineyards. In the village of Krneza, the route continues to the left towards Zadar via the settlement called Vrsi, leading further towards the town of Nin. The historical, royal town of Nin is idyllically situated on an island in the middle of a large, shallow lagoon. The area is well known for its numerous sandy beaches and an eco-park with the rich and diverse world of birds, the excellent Salt Factory and the Museum of Salt. Among the numerous monuments in the city, the following one stands out - the Church of the Holly Cross, which is considered to be the smallest cathedral in the world! The ride from Nin leads along Zaton and Petrčane and through the settlements of Kožino and Diklo. The route descends to the coast in Diklo and passes through the town district Borik, continuing along the Zadar City Marina towards the centre of Zadar, where the section ends at the famous pedestrian bridge, which connects the mainland and the Zadar peninsula. The impressive 3-kilometre long Zadar City Walls, bordering the Zadar peninsula since the time of the Venetian Republic, were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017, as a part of the Venetian defence system from the 16th and 17th century. Zadar is also a city with two unique architectural and artistic achievements – the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun, located on its shore (riva), where you can enjoy the enchantingly beautiful sunsets and the view of the islands Ugljan and Pašman, where the next section leads to.




Length of the section


58 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


380 m

Macadam lining – well rideable


700 m after the settlement of Vrsi

Traffic density – moderate




D106 after Slivnica – 3 km

D306 after Nin – 2.5 km

Passing through Zadar – 4 km

Traffic density – high


D8 after exit from Maslenica – 1 km

Caution at intersection required


Exit from Maslenica onto D8

Occasional bike pushing needed


Zadar Bridge – 200 m

Supply options





Limited from Maslenica to Vrsi the first 33 km, after that lots of well supplied places till the end of the section

The market place Dali on D106

Rest options




A park in Vrsi with lots of shade

Beaches around Nin

Beaches from Kožino to Zadar

Bicycle repair service





EuroVelo signings along the whole section.






The way to the island version of the route, section A4 from south to north - continue on D106.

Junction to the island version of the route from north to south, section A4



Descent to Vinjerac 2 km, 100 m of height

Differences in following EV8 direction south -> north


3-km long exit from Zadar to Diklo is different because of one-way streets.


Technical description of the section


The route exits Maslenica along the street Ulica Gojka Šuška onto D8 and crosses the bridge. Then it turns to the right onto LC63028, following the signposts for Vinjerac.


6 km after this junction, the road descends towards Vinjerac, and the route turns to the left, and after 5 km exits onto D106, continuing to the right.


After 3 km, the route turns to the left via Radovina (the signpost), while going straight would lead towards the islands of Pag and Ražanac and it would connect to the island version of the route, the alternative section A4.


After 9 km, at the intersection in the village of Krneza, turn to the left onto ŽC6007. The island version, the alternative section A4 connects to the right at this intersection.


After 2 km, the route turns to the right onto ŽC6004 towards the village of Vrsi, taking 7 km to reach it. The route passes through Vrsi along the street Ulica Ivana Pavla II. and turns to the left near the shop into Duboki Put Street, which soon turns into a macadam road, and after 700 m leads into Put Mula Street.


Put Mula Street should be crossed continuing in the same direction along the street Ulica Jurja Barakovića. Keeping the same direction and keeping as close to the coast as possible, the route reaches Nin after 3.5 km.


At the building of the National Tourist Board Nin, the route exits Nin along Zadarska Street, which turns into ŽC6273 and after 1 km, it turns to the right onto DC306, and after 3 km, a 7.5-kilometre long cycle path begins parallel to it. At the end of the path, the route leads to the right by the sea and generally follows the coast for another 9 km until it reaches Zadar.


Bike should be pushed (200 m) across the bridge in Zadar and then continue to the right along the coast for another 1 km towards the tip of the peninsula and the Sea Organ.