14 Šibenik - Trogir

Between the medieval towns of Šibenik and Trogir, along the lowest inhabited Adriatic island

Route pictogram

Šibenik – Brodarica (10 km) – Grebaštica (18 km) – Široke (28 km) – Vrsine (45 km) – Seget Vranjica (49 km) – Trogir (56 km)


56.00 km





total climb

680.00 m







The route from Šibenik, the town with particularly valuable and diverse cultural and historical heritage, leads towards Zablaće and through Brodarica over the Morinje Bay towards Žaborić and Grebaštica. The four-kilometre long coast in Brodarica is rich with different tourist facilities: from pebble beaches, a walkway, cafes and restaurants to the locations with an amazing view of the sea and the island of Krapanj, located only 400 m from the mainland, and famous for its centuries-old tradition of sponge harvesting. Then it reaches the bridged Morinje Bay and 321-meter long eponymous bridge. The Morinje Bay is divided into two parts: the narrow Jadrtovac Channel and the Morinje Bay. The Bay is adorned by a pine forest and a peaceful cove that stretches to the neighbouring Žaborić. There are numerous sandy and pebble beaches in the vicinity of Žaborić: Gazdavica, Jasenova, Peruč, Žaborić and Studena cove. Shortly afterwards, the route reaches a small, picturesque town of Grebaštica, situated in the bay near the Oštrica peninsula. The place is located along the Adriatic Highway (D8), with its most striking and preserved monument - a 15th-century defensive wall, running about 160 meters across the ridge of the peninsula. The route leaves D8 from Grebaštica and climbs along a winding road with beautiful views of the sea, the bay and the coast, leading to the rocky rural hinterland of Central Dalmatia. Then it passes through Primošten Burnji, where one can stay in two facilities of rural tourism. It further passes through the villages of Široke, Ložnice and Sapina Doca, where a macadam stretch begins (4 km), leading through fields, vineyards and olive groves towards Gustirna, where it descends along the road through Vrsine towards the junction to D8 road in Seget Vranjica and continues through Seget Donji, which is almost merging with Trogir. The old town of Trogir has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997 and holds the title of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe.




Length of the section


56 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


680 m

Macadam lining – moderately rideable



After Sapina Doca towards Gustirna – 3 km

After Seget Vranjica – 300 m

Traffic density – moderate


Exit from Šibenik – 7 km

Traffic density – high





D8 before Brodarica - 300 m

D8 from Brodarica to Grebaštica – 5.5 km

D8 Seget Vranjica – 300 m

Entering Trogir – 1 km

Caution at intersection required


Crossing D8 after Grebaštica

Occasional bike pushing needed




Seget Vranjica and Trogir 20 + 100 + 100 m



40-cm high door threshold of the fence

Supply options






Very well, except for the section from Grebaštica (18 km) to Vrsine (44 km)

Primošten Burnji: a restaurant

Široke: a shop, a cafe

Gustirna: a shop

Rest options








Beaches from Brodarica to Grebaštica

Ložnice – a park with benches

Gustirna – a square with stone benches in the shade,

A balote court (similar to lawn bowling) in the shade with benches

Beaches from Seget Vranjica to Trogir

Accommodation options


None from Grebaštica (18 km) to Vrsine (44 km)

Bicycle repair service









A junction towards the Krka NP in Šibenik

A junction towards Primošten in Primošten Burnji

A junction towards Primošten in Široke

A junction towards Rogoznica in Sapina Doca



Alternative section A7 leads from Šibenik via Danilo and Primorski Dolac and connects to the section 15 in Kaštel Stari



The section is covered by EuroVelo signings to Grebaštica

Differences in following the EV8 direction south -> north


Entering Šibenik is different because of one-way streets


Technical description of the section


The route from Šibenik leads by the sea along Obala hrvatske mornarice Street and after 200 m, it turns to the left backwards, bypassing the bus station, then it turns to the right along Splitski put Street and continues to the right into the street Ulica Vladimira Nazora.


At the end of Ulica Vladimira Nazora Street, the route turns to the right into the street Ulica Stjepana Radića, and then slightly to the right into the street Ulica dr Ante Starčevića. After the market place (300 m), the route turns to the right into the street Ulica fra Jerolima Milete. At this point, one can turn to the left to an alternative hinterland section A7  towards the Krka National Park.


After the train station, the route passes through Vukovarska Street and after 1 km, it turns to the right into the street Ulica Velimira Škorpika; then after 400m in Mandalina Street, it turns to the left. After 500 meters at the roundabout, it turns to the right, and there are 2 more kilometres on the road towards Zablaće.


The route turns to the left into the street Ulica Podsolarsko, and after 1 km, it turns to the right onto D8, and after 300 m, it turns to the right to the sea, continuing to the left along the coast through Brodarica.


After 2 km, a short exit onto D8 is needed following Obala Gaj, but after only 150 m, it is possible to descend again into Brodarica along the street Ulica krapanjskih spužvara, and after 1 km, along Obala Španja Roka, climb again onto D8.


After 5.5 km on the busy D8 road, the route reaches Grebašticaa place quite convenient for refreshing in the sea and replenishing supplies before the climb through a sparsely populated area. Grebaštica is entered from D8 to the right at the beginning of the settlement, following the signpost for the place/Bay Galešnica and continuing along the coast to the end of the Bay.


At the end of the Bay, briefly get onto D8 and carefully cross onto ŽC6127, which winds uphill. The road passes through Primošten Burnji (a junction to Primošten), Široke (a junction to Primošten), Ložnice and Sapina Doca (a junction to Rogoznica).


In the centre of the village of Sapina Doca, near the monument on the right curve, the route turns to the left from ŽC6127 onto a narrow street between the houses. After that, the small, 2-km long asphalt road turns to the left, and the route continues straight along the macadam road through vineyards and olive groves (another 3 km) towards the asphalt ŽC6130 road, turning to the right onto it.


1 km afterwards, the route turns to the left and passes through the village of Gustirna, straight across the intersection on LC67053. After 4 kilometres, it passes through Vrsine and another 4 km afterwards in Seget Vranjica, it exits onto D8 and continues along it to the left and after 300 m, it turns to the right towards the tourist resort and descends to the sea.


There the route continues to the left and along the coast, passing through tourist resorts and a marina mainly along pedestrian paths that allow bike rides. After 6 km, it reaches the street Ulica hrvatskih žrtava in Trogir, and from here the route leads to the centre of Trogir taking a busier road, but only for 1 km.