17 Makarska - Ploče/Trpanj

Through impressive Makarska Riviera to seven Baćina Lakes

Route pictogram

17: Makarska – Podgora (10 km) – Drvenik (31 km) – Gradac (42 km) – Ploče/Trpanj (56 km)


56.00 km





total climb

400.00 m







The main feature of this section is an impressive view of the sea, the islands and the mighty mountain Biokovo. The route starts in the centre of Makarska, at the city waterfront (riva) near palm and mulberry trees with a thick, wide crown of branches. Then it leads to the Cape Osejava, and through the eponymous Park-Forest along the marked cycle path No 280, past hotels and restaurants towards Tučepi. The town of Tučepi is famous for its longest beach of the Makarska Riviera (about 3 kilometres), for its lavish vegetation and pine forests. The route passes through the centre of Tučepi towards Podgora following the path No 280 until the exit onto D8. Reaching Podgora is characterised by the view of the monument Seagull Wings, built in 1962 and commemorating the creation of the Croatian Navy in 1942. Podgora also includes the settlements of Drašnice, Igrane and Živogošće, which the route passes through, continuing to the south through the picturesque Mediterranean landscape by the sea, stone houses adorned with flowers and charming, narrow streets leading to the hotel in Živogošće, where it exits onto D8 (Adriatic Highway). It passes through Mala Duba and Blato all the way to Drvenik with a picturesque bay and a ferry port to the island of Hvar. The route reaches the place of Zaostrog, where the Franciscan Monastery of St. Mary is located with its rich library, botanical garden and a permanent exhibition of the famous Croatian painter Mladen Veža, who was born in the nearby Brist. The route passes through Podaca and Brist towards Gradac. In the southernmost town of the Makarska Riviera - Gradac, one of the first hotels was built on this Riviera, back in 1919. From Gradac to reaching the town of Ploče, the route takes the busier D8 road (10 km without any alternative), and that is why caution is needed going this way. The junction for sightseeing the natural phenomena, the seven Baćina Lakes, is at the very entrance to the place Baćina, directly from D8, and in Ploče there is a Ferry Port with ship lines to the Pelješac peninsula, where depending on the ferry timetables, one can stay overnight in Ploče or sail to Trpanj, where the next section of the route begins.




Length of the section


56 km

Proportion of asphalt/macadam



Total climb


400 m

Higher climbs



Macadam lining – well rideable



Between Makarska and Tučepi – 1.5 km

Between Tučepi and Podgora – 600 m

Macadam lining – moderately rideable




A park after Makarska – 2 km

Before Igrane – 3 km

Entering Drvenik – 500 m

Traffic density – moderate






D8 after Podgora – 2.5 km

D8 Živogošće – Drvenik – 8 km

Zaostrog – 300 m

Podaca – 200 m

Gradac – Ploče 13 km

Occasional bike pushing needed


After Zaostrog – bypassing 3 stairs



Between Tučepi and Podgora – 53-steps stairway, possible bypass 1 km earlier on D8

Supply options


Lots of well supplied settlements mostly every 3-5 km

Water source


Before Igrane

Rest options


The first 42 km of the route pass by the sea with numerous beaches, forests, lots of shade, benches with a beautiful view.

Bicycle repair service



Podgora – self service station




Ploče – Trpanj: 4-7 times a day, 1-hour sail



1762 m of climb to Biokovo, 32-km long

Bypass options


Bypassing stairs: After the restaurant turn to the left and continue on D8 for 1 km to the right.



There is signing for county routes 280, 320 and 360, partially overlapping with EuroVelo 8


Technical description of the section


The route leads from Makarska to the sea and passes through the Park-Forest Osejava parallel to the coast, following the signposts for the county cycling route No 280 towards Tučepi.


At the exit from Tučepi, the route ascends the staircase (53 stairs) towards D8, and taking the pedestrian–bicycle path along the road (300 m), leads to the entrance to Podgora. It is possible to avoid the staircase 1 km earlier by climbing onto D8 behind the restaurant. The route follows the coast and along trails and roads passes through Podgora still following the route No 280 until the exit onto D8.


Near the pizzeria, the EV8 route stops following the route No 280, turning to the left onto D8, and taking it to the right for 2.5 kilometres until reaching Drašnice. It descends towards the sea and leads along the coast following the county cycling route No 320 till Igrane, with 3 km of macadam and 3 km more to Živogošće. The route exits onto D8 in Živogošće, continuing along it for 8 km towards Drvenik.


Turning to the right from D8, the route enters Drvenik, with 500 m of a macadam stretch first and then with the asphalt one. From the centre of Drvenik, it continues along the coast, following the signposts for the county cycling route No 360 and passes through Zaostrog and Podaca towards Gradac. In these 13 km, the route twice very briefly exits onto the busy D8 road (Adriatic Highway).


The route exits onto D8 in Gradac and continues to the right until reaching Ploče (10 km). The speed is generally limited to 40-60 km/h.


The route turns off D8 to the right, descending to Ploče on ŽC6216, along the streets Ulica Stjepana Radića and Ulica Vladimira Nazora and leads to the Ferry Port of Ploče. It is convenient to stay overnight in Ploče and Trpanj on the Pelješac peninsula, depending on the ferry timetables.