A3 Rab - Povljana

From the medieval town of Rab to millennial olive trees on the island of Pag

Route pictogram

Rab/Tovarnele - Lun (brodica) - Novalja (20 km) - Pag (40 km) - Povljana (53 km)


53.00 km





total climb

450.00 m







You can take a boat from Rab to Lun (Tovarnele port) on the island of Pag. Almost half of the Pag area is barren and has hardly any vegetation due to sheep grazing freely, the bora, salt and other climate factors. The area is often compared to the surface of the Moon. The route will lead you on an uphill road from the port of Tovarnele through the village of Lun, where you can visit the botanical reserve and a unique olive orchard with a number of olive trees that are more than a thousand years old. It is estimated that some of the olive trees in Lun are about 1500 years old. A narrow road passes through hilly terrain between Lun and Novalja (20 km), with many elevations and descents, and each new elevation presents an opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view from the top or on the way down. On your way to Novalja, you can turn off the main island road to visit several villages and bays and go swimming. In Novalja, you can relax on the waterfront and look around the town, which is known for its popular clubbing beach Zrće that is open 24 hours a day. From Novalja, take the road D106 (about 5 km), and then turn left on the old Novalja - Pag road and drive through the villages of Sveti Duh and Bošana to Pag. On your way between Sveti Duh and Bošana, you can enjoy the marvellous landscape and the Forest Vegetation Reserve Dubrava - Hanzine, famous for its autochthonous holm oak forest, which represents a rare natural phenomenon due to the mostly karst and barren land of the island of Pag. In the town of Pag, you may want to visit the Permanent Exhibition of Salt Production in one of the former salt storages, as well as the Pag Lace Museum in the Rector's Palace, which was built by the famous sculptor and builder Giorgio da Sebenico. After exiting the town of Pag, the route will lead you along the bay (salt pans) straight towards Povljana. At the end of the bay, the route connects to the road D108, which continues straight to Povljana (about 5 km). You can find accommodation here and enjoy early-morning birdwatching at the Veliko Blato Ornithological Reserve.




Section length


53 km

Asphalt/macadam ratio



Total elevation:


450 m

Macadam road – highly ridable


After exiting the town of Pag along the salt pans, 1st part – 2 km

Macadam road – moderately ridable



6 km after Novalja – along the sea – 5 km

After exiting the town of Pag along the salt pans, 1st part – 4 km

Traffic density – moderate


D106 after Novalja – 5 km

Supply options





Lun: restaurants, coffee shops, store

Novalja: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Pag: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Povljana: restaurants, coffee shops, stores

Rest options


Beaches and nature along the way

Accommodation options






Lun: rooms, apartments

Novalja: hotel, apartments, rooms, campsite

Bošana: apartments

Pag: hotels, apartments, rooms

Povljana: apartments, rooms

Bicycle service



Includes a ferry ride


The boat “Maslina” runs on the Rab (island of Rab) – Lun (island of Pag) route, 30 minute-ride, 1-3 times a day during high season, and 3 times a week out of season, Rapska Plovidba

The alternative A3 route is part of the island portion of the main EuroVelo 8 route, consisting of the following 4 alternative sections: A1, A2, A3 and A4. The island portion splits from the main route DG4 on the 17th kilometre and joins it once again on the 23rd kilometre of the DG11 section.


Technical description of the section


The route is connected to the island of Pag by the Rab - Lun (island of Pag) ferry route operated by the carrier Rapska Plovidba, which departs from the Rab town port.


The route leads to Lun from the port of Tovarnele along the road ŽC 5151 to Novalja.


The route splits rightwards from the road ŽC 515 and leads to Novalja along Lunski Put and Braće Radić Street.


The rout exits Novalja along Obala Petra Krešimira IV and Slatinska Street towards the junction on D106.


At the roundabout, Slatinska ulica connects to D106. Afterwards, the signposts for Zadar and Pag should be followed.


Before the left turn, at the signpost leading right towards the Church of St. Jerome, turn left towards the sea on LC 63001.


At the intersection, continue straight onto the macadam road along the coast. The road will lead you along the sea and beaches through the village of Bošana to the town of Pag.


Through Marka Marulića and Prosika Streets, the route will take you to a right turn to Put Starog Grada. After 100 m, turn left over the bridge to reach the town of Pag and continue straight along the bay/salt pans towards Povljana.


At the end of the bay, the route splits right and after 120 m goes back turning left in the same direction. The route continues for another 1 km to the exit to D108, which continues right for another 5km to Povljana.