A7 Šibenik - Kaštel Stari

Through the karst Dalmatian hinterland to the Kozjak Mountain and the seven picturesque Kaštels

Route pictogram

Šibenik – Perković (26 km) - Primorski Dolac (32 km) - Malačka (52 km) - Kaštel Stari (62 km)


62.00 km




Kaštel Stari

total climb

960.00 m







The route leads from Šibenik to the Dalmatian hinterland along roads with less traffic. After 4 km of town streets, the route continues on a straight road through Bilice along cultivated fields and vineyards towards Dubrava near Šibenik. From there, you can turn off the route to the Falconry Centre to learn about different species of Croatian birds of prey. The route passes under the highway E65 through the village of Protege. You can get off the route in Danilo Biranj to visit the churches of St. George and St. Peter, archaeological sites of Illyrian tombs with various ornaments. A prehistoric Neolithic settlement of farmers and cattle breeders was discovered in the neighbouring village of Danilo Gornje. This prehistoric community is usually referred to as Danilo culture after the valuable archaeological finds from the said Danilo site, one of the most important prehistoric archaeological sites in Croatia. There is a marked turning for the parish church of St. Daniel, the patron saint of the parish. Another archaeological site can also be found in this area – the seat of the Illyrian tribe Ridita, which later on became the centre of the Roman municipium of Rider. The route continues on a winding road through Slivno, a typical village of the Dalmatian hinterland with authentic, traditional stone houses. The route then continues through the village of Celići (via an overpass above the highway), and then turns right on a narrow local road towards Perković and Mravnica. It goes over the railway and continues on a narrow road between dry stone walls and macchia, then turns left on a road by the railway at the "Y" intersection before Mravnice. The route will once again lead you on a wide road, along the hamlets of Škorići, Ukići, Balovi and Primorski Dolac, and the church of St. Martin with a cemetery. It continues along the hamlets of Franići, Kalpići, Zekići, Šećeri and Plejići and turns right towards Split on a constantly elevating winding road. At the traffic light, turn right to Radošić, and take the Prgomet overpass (72 m) over the highway to go straight to Trolokve and Radošić. After passing the church of St. Stephen with a cemetery, you will exit Prgomet and enter Trolokve. Then, you can turn off the route to the ethno-eco village of Škopljanci in Radošić. An elevated road leading to Kozjak will take you to the Malačka pass – lookout (466 m above sea level). The route will lead you down the winding Radun Street, with panoramic views of the Kaštela Bay and the seven picturesque Kaštels. The route enters Kaštel Stari and leads to a square by the sea near a coffee shop, where it connects to the main DG15 route, section Trogir – Split, and then continues along the picturesque Kaštela coast towards Kaštel Lukšić and Kaštel Kambelovac.




Section length


62 km

Asphalt/macadam ratio



Total elevation:


960 m

Traffic density – moderate


Exit from Šibenik – 4 km

Supply options





Dubrava: store

Primorski Dolac: store (1 km off the route)

Papratnica: restaurant (4 km off the route)

Ethno-eco village Škopljanci, Radošić

Rest options



Nature along the way

Malačka pass-lookout (466 m above sea level), Kozjak on the road Radošić-Kaštel Stari

Accommodation options


Only a few apartments, check availability and book in advance





Kaštel Stari

Section A7 is an alternative to section 14 and to a part of section 15 of the main EuroVelo 8 route from Šibenik to Kaštel Stari. Some parts of the main route will lead you along the coast, whereas the A7 alternative will lead you only through the hinterland, which has less traffic and completely avoids macadam roads, but also has more elevations and fewer accommodation and supply options. A7 splits from the daily section 14 in Šibenik and reconnects with the main route at the 10th kilometre of section 15 in Kaštel Stari.



Technical description of the section


A7 overlaps with the exit from Šibenik on section 14 for the first 850 m, but after passing the market on Fra Jerolima Milete Street, the route turns left and follows that street for the remaining 250 m, then turns left to Matije Gupca Street and follows it for 350 m until its end. It then turns right to Put Gimnazije, which passes under D8 and continues to Bana Josipa Jelačića Street.


The street has a left semi-circular turn, after which it leads to a roundabout, where you should take the first exit to Kralja Zvonimira Street and then turn right to Dubravski Put after 1 km. If you follow the signposts to Perković carefully, the route will take you through Šibenska Dubrava and Danilo.


The route detaches to the right in Perković towards Mravinka and continues to follow the road through the village of Primorski Dolac.


The route leads to ŽC 6091 and continues right towards Split. After another 800 m you should make a left turn and then turn right to a side asphalt road, by following the signpost to Nožine. The road passes under a railway line and a highway access road and then continues south-east past the cemetery, by following a signpost for the church of St. Stephen.


The route leads to the main road in Radošić near a big house and then continues in the same direction. After 400 m you should turn right onto a side road.


The route connects to ŽC 6098 and continues right, then upwards towards the Malačka pass on Kozjak. After that it leads down to the coast of Kaštel Stari, where it connects to the main route.